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Khassanov is a strong and leading litigation and compliance law firm based in Kazakhstan. It is one of the very few larger firms of attorneys, capable of representing any client at any court, including the Supreme Court, throughout Kazakhstan. The firm gained an excellent reputation from acting for both domestic and international clients in complex and some high profile cases at national level. We are chosen for our legal knowledge and know how, but our high client satisfaction is based on our ability to work towards creative commercial solutions, having a team with a winning mentality and as a firm offering clients a competitive and flexible fee structure.

We have specialist expertise in two major areas:

We believe that what differentiates a real lawyer from any other legal consultant is the experience with and knowledge of litigation and being able to use this knowledge in advising clients on legal matters, and if necessary use this weapon to efficiently and effectively defend our clients' rights. As litigators we support our clients in, amongst others, commercial and criminal cases, administrative violations, civil fraud, criminal fraud investigation and prosecution, confiscation and asset recovery, customs and tax investigations and regulatory and disciplinary proceedings, appeal actions by state authorities (tax, custom, state audits, etc.) and debt collection.

Compliance and Corporate Governance
In many countries, but certainly in the CIS, compliance with legal and regulatory requirements is a complex, difficult but very important issue. We are specialists in helping our international clients in understanding cultural implications and comply with any rule, supported by our extensive network of contacts at all levels of government throughout Kazakhstan as well as by our deep understanding based on long experience of how local, regional and national administrations and courts function. In this way we can support our clients in, amongst others, setting up business, incorporations, due diligence, obtaining licences, certificates and permits, compliance with legal and regulatory requirements at all levels. Specifically we are able to support international and national companies to adhere to requirements of Corporate Governance in Kazakhstan, paying attention explicitly to directors and officers' liabilities. There are also two specific areas which we are developing on an international level equal to USA and UK standards as we believe these areas are becoming more and more important in Kazakhstan:

Intellectual Property
IP litigation and representation in areas such as applications, prosecution, and filings for patents, trademarks, and copyrights, advice on licensing agreements, royalty structures and other dispositions, IP due diligence and IP audits and formulating OEM/ software licensing and outsourcing agreements.

Sports Law
Advising major domestic sporting organisations including governing bodies, rights holders, agencies and promoters, event organisers and clubs, but also marketing agencies, broadcasters, mobile operators and other media companies, sponsors and individuals, including support in CAS proceedings.

In our office in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, we set up a specialist Tax Practice with lawyers speaking Russian and Kazakh fluently and having specific expertise regarding the tax treaties between European countries, specifically The Netherlands, and Kazakhstan. This practice is also cooperating closely with several independent trust organisations.

We have a specific understanding of the business environment and strategies in the following sectors and industries within Kazakhstan:

- Agriculture
- Building, Construction and Infrastructure
- Natural Resources
- Oil & Gas, including Offshore and Maritime
- Tourism.

Khassanov Law Firm was established by Gennadiy Khassanov in 1994 and as such is one of the longest existing national law firms in independent Kazakhstan. Khassanov has offices in Aktau, Almaty, Astana, Atyrau, Uralsk and for their European clients operates an office in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Core Values
Here at Khassanov, we believe in “value” – a lot. We do not use the word lightly. To us it is what we truly strive to create every day … for our clients, as well as for our own people, the partners we work with, both in Kazakhstan as internationally. There are five core values that unite us as a team and guide our work and business.

We value professional expertise as one of the primary means for delivering exceptional value to our clients. We will be at the forefront of our profession in the skill, expertise and judgment we offer our clients and constantly seek opportunities to learn and grow.

We approach every relationship (with clients, employees, partners) with the goal of ensuring all parties benefit in an equitable manner.

We operate at the highest level of ethical responsibility, both in Kazakhstan as abroad, governed by honest communications, respect for others, and a focus on the greater good rather than short-term personal gain. We treat everyone with respect and dignity, and act at all times ethically and with integrity.

We have the spirit of adventure and opportunity in our DNA. From the founding of the firm shortly after the new independence of Kazakhstan in 1994 to having offices throughout Kazakhstan and one in Europe, we are not afraid to do business in difficult or foreign jurisdictions. And we aim to move on.

We have the mental and moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty in all our actions to achieve what we believe is right, for ourselves and for our clients.

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